#FAMILYGRIND [Phresh & Speech] - "Pirate Radio" MP3

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01.) DJ NOTenough (Skit 1)
02.) The Wake
03.) Let It Go
04.) The Lines Are Open (Skit 2)
05.) Did You Notice
06.) Jake The Snake
07.) First Caller (Skit 3)
08.) Win or Lose
09.) In A Minute
10.) A Store Run (Skit 4)
11.) Girl With The Dragon Tattoo
12.) Second Caller (Skit 5)
13.) Don't Grow On Trees
14.) Bullet Proof
15.) It's All Yours
16.) Fuck The FCC (Skit 6)
17.) Fck The Radio ft. DJ Los
18.) Bathroom Break (Skit 7)
19.) Audio Angel Dust
20.) Better Made
21.) The Program Director (Skit 8)
22.) Cinematic
23.) Third Caller (Skit 9)
24.) Just Another Day
25.) America, Fuck Yeah! (Skit 10)
26.) Lost In Translation
27.) Memory Lane
28.) The Fine Print
29.) Fourth Caller (Skit 11)
30.) What Up Doe?!
31.) Who Shot Ya?
32.) Can A Brother Get Some Drizzy? (Skit 12)
33.) Rob The System

After performing everywhere together from Detroit to Montreal (Canada), #FAMILYGRIND (313phresh x TrueSpeech) officially release their double album “Pirate Radio”.

Not looking to fit a certain “format” or reduce themselves down to be placed into a “standardized” playlist, #FAMILYGRIND - (313phresh x TrueSpeech) begin a journey of playing what they want and how they want for the listeners who are tired of hearing the same songs over and over again within the same hour.

Proving that one doesn’t need a radio hit to be a successful artist, Phresh & Speech gives you an exciting album full of personal explorations, social awareness, political commentaries, a balance of relationship issues and some braggadocio battle rhymes thrown in for good measure. But above all, it is pure independent Hip Hop.