#FAMILYGRIND [Phresh & Speech] - "Cooking From The Underground"

CD + MP3 $ 12.00
MP3 $ 9.00

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01.) The Juice 
02.) All I Need 
03.) Friend or Foe
04.) Wake Up 
05.) Heisenberg
06.) Clock Watchers 
07.) 23:45
08.) It's Time 
09.) Hip Hop 
10.) New Jack City (ft. Anton Ambrose)
11.) What's It Gonna 
12.) Fck Your Flag

Already becoming known for bringing their own sound to the culture, Detroit's own 313phresh and TrueSpeech collectively known as #FAMILYGRIND have been tirelessly honing their skills since their last group offering and they’re set to deliver their best work yet with their second offering "Cooking From The Underground".