Ace Bugey - "Nice To Meet You" MP3


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    01.) Warriors
    02.) Coffee ft. 313phresh
    03.) Home ft. Hysteric
    04.) Still I Stand 
    05.) Stripes

    Family Grind Entertainment presents... Ace Bugey "NICE TO MEET YOU", a brand new 5-song EP, produced entirely by 313phresh.

    To explain further, Ace Bugey released this statement – "In life, everyone finds themselves in a mental journey to discover who they are and what they stand for. For most, it takes mistakes and bumps in the road in order to figure out their life's meaning. It's taken a little trial and error to find myself as a person and you will learn a little of what I have had to experienced along the way"...

    ..."This EP is the aftermath of a deep realization. A realization of my own purpose in art and in my own God given life. Remember, life isn't always easy but by playing the cards you're dealt you can trump any card with a little planning, courage, and confidence. With all that being said, I'd like to say hello my name is Ace and its ...#NiceToMeetYou".